[development] How to post bug reports and patches

Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 16:07:47 UTC 2008

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 10:42 AM, Darren Oh <
darrenoh at sidepotsinternational.com> wrote:

> Could we add a Digg-like button to issues that would promote them to a
> popular issues page?

I think that's a good idea, and is one of the first new, novel ideas I've
seen for addressing this problem in a long time.

And I'm really glad to see such a positive, concrete suggestion.

The benefit I see is that it more accurately represents the number of people
impacted by a particular problem.

Most of the time these threads devolve into useless arguments.  Often, too
many react defensively, by saying things like the "only" way to address this
is to, e.g. review more patches.  Using absolutist language like "only"
 (never, always, etc.) not only discourages new ideas but is demonstrably
false.  Claiming to know the "only" way to do something in an open source
community (or just about in any circumstance) is arrogant, or blind, or
defeatist, etc.
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