[development] Voting on issues (was Re: How to post bug reports and patches)

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Fri Oct 31 16:18:04 UTC 2008

On Oct 31, 2008, at 9:07 AM, Derek Wright wrote:
> Only if Dries or killes agree to let us turn on VotingAPI on  
> drupal.org:

On Oct 31, 2008, at 9:07 AM, Chris Johnson wrote:
> Claiming to know the "only" way to do something in an open source  
> community (or just about in any circumstance) is arrogant, or  
> blind, or defeatist, etc.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be arrogant, blind, or defeatist with my  
previous message. ;)  If there's another way to get something  
deployed on d.o that won't be immediately disabled again, I'd love to  
hear it.  In my experience, the only way code stays on d.o is if  
killes or Dries agree it should be there, which is what I meant by  

-Derek (dww)

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