[development] Local repository best practices

Dave Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Wed Sep 10 16:55:13 UTC 2008

I wrote up how I move database changes from development to deployment a while 
back: http://www.dave-cohen.com/node/1779
Since then, there was a thread on this list about using unique/random ids in 
place of serial ids in drupal's db.  I think that would be a great change and 
eliminate some of the hoops I jump through.

If you're looking for standard practice, I think most shops share a common 
install (perhaps a copy of the live site).  One developer makes configuration 
changes to that install, then the others copy the full database to their 
development copies.  This is burdensome and blows away changes made to local 
copies.  Managing this is a headache that gets discussed often.  As far as I 
can tell there is no ideal solution.


On Tuesday 09 September 2008, Ryan Cross wrote:
> I'm also curious if people would expand a bit more about how they manage
> their DB changes. It sounds like angie/lullabot store a DB dump in the
> repository and then upload that with their deployment. Is this standard
> practice for other people?

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