[development] University of Sao Paulo

Louis Suarez-Potts Louis.Suarez-Potts at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 12 19:15:43 UTC 2008

My apologies, everyone! My address book got quite confused. ;-(, and I  
didn't check.
On the other hand, the points I made are worthy: I would love to see  
more Foss projects included in universities, and as a Sun community  
manager, I naturally have a certain bent.

But, my apologies again.

On 2008-09-12, at 21:28 , Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:

> Mark Surman, now of Mozilla but previously of the Shuttleworth  
> Foundation, sent me a note recently about the work that some  
> instructors are doing at the University of Sao Paulo. They are  
> Felipe Gomes and Marcio Galli. In a nutshell, they want a stronger  
> Mozilla presence there, in the CS dept., and to work with Moz. to  
> teach students Foss, programming. There are also contests, such as  
> the wonderfully named, "Obscure Code Contest." (In Portuguese it may  
> differ.)
> I'd like to see if Marcio and Felipe would be interested in Sun  
> technology. It might also be worthwhile to collaborate with Mozilla  
> in endeavours like this, rather than, as it would seem, competing  
> for resources--instructors, that is.
> So: do we have a presence at this university? Do we already have a  
> relationship with Felipe or Marcio? (And, I can send in more  
> information on USP's events.)
> cheers,
> Louis

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