[development] University of Sao Paulo

Louis Suarez-Potts Louis.Suarez-Potts at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 12 18:28:30 UTC 2008

Mark Surman, now of Mozilla but previously of the Shuttleworth  
Foundation, sent me a note recently about the work that some  
instructors are doing at the University of Sao Paulo. They are Felipe  
Gomes and Marcio Galli. In a nutshell, they want a stronger Mozilla  
presence there, in the CS dept., and to work with Moz. to teach  
students Foss, programming. There are also contests, such as the  
wonderfully named, "Obscure Code Contest." (In Portuguese it may  

I'd like to see if Marcio and Felipe would be interested in Sun  
technology. It might also be worthwhile to collaborate with Mozilla in  
endeavours like this, rather than, as it would seem, competing for  
resources--instructors, that is.

So: do we have a presence at this university? Do we already have a  
relationship with Felipe or Marcio? (And, I can send in more  
information on USP's events.)


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