[development] Call to developers, Yet another migration module / how to choose a module name?

William Smith william.darren at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 15:34:05 UTC 2009

I agree with all above - by all means, please do contribute it!  But
also, on the project page, provide links to other existing projects
that try to do the same thing and give (at least) a cursory overview
of the differences.  This last part isn't *essential* (ie, you'll be
forgiven for not doing it) but is extremely helpful and goes a long
way towards helping alleviate some of the trouble of 'contrib creep'

The module sounds great, and I look forward to having a chance to play
around with it!

On 8/1/09, Greg Knaddison <Greg at growingventuresolutions.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 9:13 AM, Kathleen Murtagh<kathleen at ceardach.com>
> wrote:
>> I would encourage you to contribute it to drupal.org.  It doesn't matter
>> if
>> it is "yet another xxx".  It is an area with no set solutions, and the
>> more
>> ideas the better.
>> Contributing it will enable more people to use it, discuss improvements,
>> and
>> overall help push the deployment issue forward.
> I totally agree, but...
> In multiple surveys the number 1 problem for visitors to drupal.org is
> figuring out which module to use.  I just request that anyone
> contributing a "duplicate" module go to great lengths to document the
> differences between their module and the existing solutions.
> I documented some of the places where the topic is discussed in
> http://lists.drupal.org/pipermail/support/2009-July/012609.html
> Based on Pierre's initial e-mail on the topic it seems like he will do
> a great job on documenting this module - I look forward to seeing it!
> Greg
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