[development] How could everyone win and get Views in Drupal 8?

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Aug 12 13:39:23 UTC 2009

Cameron Eagans wrote:
> That said, I would support putting a views api in core and leaving the 
> UI in contrib, like what is done with cck right now (but only because 
> it's obvious that lots of people want views in core -- if it's gonna go 
> in, that's the way I'd wanna see it there)

FYI this is impossible with the current architecture. It's also turning 
out to be really bad with CCK, which is why they're trying to get the 
CCK UI into core after all. And it's the same reason: Both systems are 
really pluggable, and in order to work right, the pluggable systems need 
their own additive UI bits. And you can't do that without a core UI for 
them to add *to*.

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