[development] How could everyone win and get Views in Drupal 8?

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Aug 12 19:13:36 UTC 2009

Quoting Jim Taylor <jim at rootyhollow.com>:

>>> I am with the crowd of keep Drupal core lean.  The less optional modules
> Drupal has to consider the better it would be.
> Wouldn't adding views to core do just that, ie the 8 or so module Earl
> mentioned?  re-pasted below.

No, it would add another module to core I might not use (most likely  
wouldn't use).  Another module that the boot process has to consider  
in its processing.  Another module that is taking up disk space for no  
reason.  Another module that won't get a speedy needed fix.  Core  
needs to be lean, a provider of the low level API.  Everything else  
should be a contrib module maintained outside of core.  Or maybe, if  
we have an issue with these module being contrib, a core-optional set  
of modules that get maintained separately from core.  Core-optional  
modules would have the additional requirement that they need to be  
ready to release an updated module on core release night.

> tracker.module: Just a view.
> blog.module: Just a view.
> /node front page: Just a view.
> /rss.xml: Just a view.
> node content admin: Could be a view, with VBO.
> user admin: Could be a view, with VBO.
> recent comments block: Yep, a view.
> recent blog posts block: Yep, a view.
> active forum posts? Sho 'nuff.
> Jim

Some of these could be moved to a contrib module (or core-optional  
module) and maintained outside of core.  Only the required modules  
need to be retained within core.  Sure the maintainers need to be on  
top of the development of Drupal and be ready for a new release.  If  
the tracker module was turned into a view then the contrib module info  
file would make views a dependency of the module.

What needs to be considered as we have said before is a choice of  
install profiles for a user to use.  The install profiles would be  
responsible for the dependencies of its package and can be updated as  
a contrib module is updated.  A contrib module maintainer could even  
be responsible for the patch to the install profile.  The install  
package file build process could even include the contrib module  
dependencies it requires.

BTW, the same goes for themes.  Only the default garland theme needs  
to be delivered with core.

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