[development] RE : Drupal 7 Reeducation

fgm fgm at osinet.fr
Thu Aug 13 08:03:43 UTC 2009

I *think* it is likely very significant. D5 to D6 was comparatively easy because unless you were heavily into Forms API, there were no major structural changes, (see http://drupal.org/update/modules/5/6 ) but many localized improvements.

OTOH, D6 to D7 has taken advantage of the unusual 2-year development process to allow Field API in core causing very significant changes to node modules (and likely to profile handling soon), DBTNG, a rethinking of the block system, and many more changes. See http://drupal.org/update/modules/6/7

Then again, it's still Drupal so once you've made the change to these two biggies (fields and dbtng), you should be able to be up and running quite fast. And if you've already done development around CCK (not just used the UI), Fields shouldn't bee too difficult. 

Finally, considering the development of professional services on top of Drupal, it is likely that most training shops currently offering D6 development courses will have a D6 to D7 migration course soon after the D7 release. I know we do, so it's likely other training shops do too. 

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I'd be interested in hearing opinions, on a % scale, of how much
reeducation is needed to move from D6 to D7 in terms of the api, hooks,
architecture, admin functions... for a D6 developer to be at the same
level of capability with D7.

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