[development] Why I don't Upload a Module to Drupal

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Mon Aug 17 19:24:24 UTC 2009

Fred - I was just joking, of course.

I'm not surprised that nobody responded to your offer. $50 is a very low
price to pay for a feature/module, but many people are overwhelmed by
the "freeness" of it all, and mistake open source with "at no cost".
Chances are there is also some company out there willing to pay
thousands for the same feature/module. Making efficient markets is

And as for rewards, I can tell you that the most rewarding thing I do at
work on any day is cvs commit -m "new feature for apachesolr"

I can't explain it, but it tops all other forms of professional
satisfaction. I enjoy developing modules so much that it's a dream come
true that someone pays me to do it.

Glad you're looking for ways to help - it generated a good thread!


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> You lazy blood sucking pig! (did that confirm your worst fears? ;-)

Hey, were you writing to me or the OP? :)

Something interesting I could say is that I once saw 3 people post on
d.o about the same feature they wanted. I figured I could code it up
in a few hours. So I emailed all 3 and told them I was emailing all 3
and said if each of you wants to cough up fifty smackers, I will code
it. I was a bit more professional in my language of course. ;)

But guess what? Not even one responded.

Maybe they're "lazy blood sucking pigs" also, eh?

I really admire those folks who put in hours to make and maintain big
modules and of course core itself. Always wondered really how they do
it. Nobody's giving them any awards for it I don't think.


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