[development] Request for volunteer

Rob Milne robmilne at web.net
Wed Aug 19 19:08:13 UTC 2009


I'm looking for a volunteer to take over maintenance and development of 
the Web File Manager contrib module.  I have too many projects and 
something has to drop - unfortunately I'm not working in the open source 
world now and it has become too difficult to stay current with Drupal 
except as a user.  I've mentioned my desire to quit to andremolnar (the 
official maintainer who has even less time to work on the module than me 
judging by cvs messages and issue list reponses) and he will surely pass 
over the reins to anyone who really cares about this module and who has 
time/ability to improve it. 

I will definitely make myself available for questions to anyone 
interested in taking this on.


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