[development] Prioritizing for code freeze

Brian Vuyk brian at brianvuyk.com
Thu Aug 20 16:29:19 UTC 2009

I think your understanding is bang on.

Post Sept. 1, bugfixes are all we do until the release, with some 
noteable exceptions which are listed elsewhere. I think this would be a 
good time to knuckle down and try to get as many patches reviewed and 
committed in the next 11 days.

What are people's high-priority patches for D7? Which stuff do you 
really want to see included? It would be helpful if we had a list of 
'important' patches to focus on.

Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:
> We have, at this moment, 223 "patches to review" issues, 1698 "patch 
> queue" issues, and 357 "critical issues" for D7, according to the 
> Contributor Links block on drupal.org. It's hard to figure out what to 
> focus on, given so many choices. So I'm thinking about priorities for 
> the upcoming code freeze (Sept 1, right?).
> My understanding is that all new features for Drupal would need to be 
> patched, reviewed, and committed before the code freeze, or they would 
> be pushed back to Drupal 8. Those are easy to find, using the Category 
> field of the issue queue.
> But my understanding is that also any API changes would need to be 
> patched, reviewed, and committed before the code freeze, and there 
> wasn't any obvious way I knew of to find them. So, I've introduced a 
> new issue tag, "API change", which will help identify those issues, if 
> people start marking their issues accordingly. Thoughts?
> So am I way off base, or shouldn't we be focusing our patching and 
> review efforts on these areas between now and Sept 1, and leaving the 
> bug fixes (even "critical" bug fixes) for after the freeze? Is there 
> anything else that also cannot wait until after the code freeze?
>    --Jennifer

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