[development] Prioritizing for code freeze

Brian Vuyk brian at brianvuyk.com
Thu Aug 20 19:49:06 UTC 2009

Webchick posted in an issue somewhere a few patches that they were 
interested in getting in, even after the code freeze if necessary. I 
don't recall the link, though.

Greg Knaddison wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 10:29 AM, Brian Vuyk<brian at brianvuyk.com> wrote:
>> Post Sept. 1, bugfixes are all we do until the release, with some noteable
>> exceptions which are listed elsewhere.
> Listed elsewhere?  Where is this list - inquiring minds want to know.
> My knowledge of history is that patches to improve performance,
> usability and a few items hand-picked by Dries+maintainer are also
> allowed in post-code-freeze. If there's an API or regression that is
> horribly broken (usually discovered when contribs start upgrading)
> then that can also result in a patch that changes the API or adds new
> features.  I'm not sure if all of those will be the same this time as
> well.  I'm kind of assuming that it is.
> Regards,
> Greg

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