[development] Prioritizing for code freeze

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Fri Aug 21 16:42:15 UTC 2009

On 21-Aug-09, at 10:29 AM, Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:

> I would propose adding
>   Tag: Markup change
> as well, to indicate markup changes as priorities for before the  
> code freeze, if there is not already another tag for that. This  
> would be used for changes in HTML tags and attributes (classes and  
> IDs), not for text changes.

Sounds good. AFAIK nothing like that exists. There's 'd4d' and similar  
but some of those affect the theme system and some of them affect  
markup. They're also totally obtuse to new contributors. ;)

> Text changes are already being marked with one of these:
>  Tag: ui-text
>  Tag: Help text
> which will be relevant for the String Freeze, whenever that comes  
> (string freeze is important for translators).

Actually, we have a "user interface text" component for this purpose,  
but it might indeed make more sense to turn this into a tag. There  
could be a bug fix against node.module that also changes strings.

"Help text" though seems like it's just the "documentation" component,  


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