[development] Prioritizing for code freeze

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Aug 21 14:29:23 UTC 2009

Angela Byron wrote:
> The one other thing I'd add here is markup changes (as in theme 
> functions and .tpl.php files). Themers can't start porting their themes 
> until Drupal's XHTML output is locked down. Most of those are in the 
> 'theme system' component, although there are probably other ones here 
> and there attached to their respective "parent" components like node 
> system or whatever.

So we have
    Tag: API change
to look for now.

And we also want to make sure any feature changes get done before 
freeze. Find those via:
    Category: feature request

I would propose adding
    Tag: Markup change
as well, to indicate markup changes as priorities for before the code 
freeze, if there is not already another tag for that. This would be 
used for changes in HTML tags and attributes (classes and IDs), not 
for text changes.

Text changes are already being marked with one of these:
   Tag: ui-text
   Tag: Help text
which will be relevant for the String Freeze, whenever that comes 
(string freeze is important for translators).


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