[development] D7 Query placeholders and values

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Wed Aug 26 18:24:06 UTC 2009

I don't know what you are trying to do, but it would probably be  
better served by a dynamic query, using the values() method.

Could you post an example of the whole query, and the code to build  
the arguments?


Michael Prasuhn
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mike at mikeyp.net

On Aug 26, 2009, at 2:11 PM, Nancy Wichmann wrote:

> Since I see Larry Garfield has looked at this list today, I thought  
> I would ask this now since I just had this come up.
> I know about the new ":label" for substitution in D7 and have no  
> problem with that. But what do I do with an array of values, as in:
>   $types = variable_get('my_types_list', array());
>   $args += $types;
>   $result = db_query(..., $args);
> Yes, I properly used db_placeholders to set the "%s" values in  
> place. The query works fine in D6, it's just that I am already  
> looking at teh upgrade and wondered about how to do arrays of values  
> like this, when I can't go in and add a label to them.
> Nancy E. Wichmann, PMP
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