[development] Call for the Drupal community to fix prev/next in forum and in Drupal

Jean-Michel Pouré jm at poure.com
Wed Aug 26 20:50:45 UTC 2009

Le mercredi 26 août 2009 à 16:29 -0400, Jim Taylor a écrit :
> Okay we get it you think it's an issue,
> so patch write a patch already!

Thank you very much for your comprehension. 

Previous/Next link is an important issue because MySQL and PostgreSQL
users usually do not have access to server-side initialization scripts
and therefore may not log slow queries.

Even using Devel module, it is hard to find as explained here:

The only way to find this bug was to read Drupal code and test queries
server-side. This can only be done by developers.

So many people may be suffering from this bug and YES it is important to
fix it.

Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards, Jean-Michel
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