[development] Call for the Drupal community to fix prev/next in forum and in Drupal

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu Aug 27 01:57:01 UTC 2009


2009/8/26 Jean-Michel Pouré <jm at poure.com>

> Le mercredi 26 août 2009 à 13:46 -0700, Earl Miles a écrit :
> > It's also already been removed from core, so there's nothing to fix
> > anymore: http://drupal.org/node/556136
> I answered this issue.
> A new module called http://drupal.org/project/prev_next
> is available.

I am the author of prev_next API.

While it does a good job for large sites, it adds yet another table of
data to the schema. This type of data duplication is not necessary for most
sites that do not have the size that mandates such a solution.

So, for the vast majority of sites, this kind of duplication is not needed.

> Why not integrate it in core?

As usual, we try to keep core small, and not add every single feature to it.
We keep it extensible and people can come up with solutions like this module
provides. Not every site will need such an API, and therefore it is not core

Another options it that you can also just remove the Next/Previous links by
simple change to your template.php and the problem goes away.

function phptemplate_forum_topic_navigation($node) {
  return '';

That is it.
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