[development] Call for the Drupal community to fix prev/next in forum and in Drupal

David Timothy Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Thu Aug 27 04:15:10 UTC 2009

----- "Jean-Michel Pouré" <jm at poure.com> wrote:

> I call for the Drupal community to fix prev/next scalability in
> Drupal forum. An open letter is available for Dries BuyTaert.
> Issue: http://drupal.org/node/559424

Multiple people have censured you over the last few days -- with no apparent effect. You bring an unfortunate combination of insolence and incompetence to our issue queues, documentations pages, and, apparently, our mailing lists. Competence and cooperation are virtues we hope to foster in all community members over time, but your choices are no path to that. Be productive and civil -- or leave.

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