[development] Consolidating duplicate contrib modules for D7

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Thu Dec 10 00:42:59 UTC 2009

> > Again, we want to encourage contribution and collaboration.  Not
> > discourage it.
> How am i proposing to discourage that, quite the contrary..
> wow this is getting tedious. I really hoped for some more 
> support, but it seems there is only fear from current 
> maintainers that something will be taken away from them. We 
> will probably have the same duplicate modules problem with D7 
> as with D6, instead of stemming the united effort of 
> consolidating and merging the functionality of thousands of 
> modules into a couple of frameworks and some hundred submodules.

That's the point.  You are talking about consolidation and merging without
considering that any approach on consolidation requires to join forces with
others.  That means to communicate, to talk, and to share vision.  And after
doing so, it means to code, to review, to find compromises, and finally to
commit.  This is how innovation works.

If you'd want to express this in numbers, then 99% is collaboration and
contribution, and only 1% (or even only a fragment of that) is committing.

If we want to decrease duplication, then we need to improve the


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