[development] Remove top-level admin menu items

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Feb 2 04:19:53 UTC 2009

Daniel F. Kudwien wrote:
> This goes out to some maintainers, specifically related to
> - Notifications / Messaging - Organic Groups - Panels
> Those and related/dependent modules are implementing top-level menu
> items, e.g.
> - admin/messaging - admin/og - admin/panels
> in the style of Drupal 4.7, instead of using the new administrative
> categories and structure we have since Drupal 5.x.  This is not only
> confusing, but also clutters the administrative interface -
> especially, if Administration menu module is installed.

I, uh, actually am kind of offended at this line, because I actually did 
most of the work on the patch to create the new admin system and set it 
up in this manner. Opening with this actually made me inclined to just 
ignore the thread entirely but because of who you are, you get an answer 
anyway. But sincerely, this is *not* in the style of 4.7:
1) Panels implements everything necessary to have a block in the new
    admin system, including the descriptions and functions below it.
2) Panels has several administrative options that, in the normal system,
    would be kind of scattered and difficult to find. I know this because
    I originally had set things up that way, and it was frustrating.
3) Panels has a modular nature and keeps getting items added, which
    would be even more frustrating.
4) Keeping things together would force Panels down to
    admin/site-building/panels/* -- 4 levels down before it actually
    gets any information in the URL for itself leaves only 3 more path
    items before you hit the argument limits in the menu system. And
    worse, you now have an extra click needed to get to every Panels
    item, relegating it to a second class administrative system.

> I see no reason why it needs to be this way.  Clearly, for example,
> Organic Groups and Panels are both tools to build a Drupal site --
> the proper location would thus be below "Site building".

I see no reason why admin_menu can't just cope with this the same way 
the menu system does.

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