[development] Remove top-level admin menu items

dragonwize dragonwize at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 07:15:03 UTC 2009


I was trying to be amenable but I failed horribly. I am sorry for
that. My statements were never directed at you but at the conversation
in general.

If Panels is the exception for valid reasons, than I am perfectly ok
with that. There is rarely a standard that doesn't have a few
exceptions. You a good developer and by the fact that you have other
modules including Views which do not break with the norm I would say
you probably have very good reasons for doing so.

However, many modules do not give it such thought and I believe that
is where the meat of this thread lies.


On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 01:13, Earl Miles wrote:
> dragonwize wrote:
>> To me the true nature of Daniel's request is not really about
>> admin_menu. The placement of menu items affects all of our sites.
>> Because of this we need some kind of standard that we can hold modules
>> to.
>> Because of our great menu system we can choose to move menu items to
>> where we would personally like them on our own site. However, we still
>> need to hold the default position to some kind of standard.
> I honestly felt like I established and held to some kind of standard with
> this system.
>> If the only reason for moving to the higher level is personal
>> preference of how may levels you have to go then it should be placed
>> by default in the standard configuration and can be moved by all those
>> that use it enough that they would like it at a higher level.
> If the only reason for disliking my choices of administration, you're also
> welcome not to use the module. I gave several reasons why it is the way it
> is, and it wasn't personal preference.

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