[development] Remove top-level admin menu items

Walt Daniels wdlists at optonline.net
Mon Feb 2 15:23:51 UTC 2009

This brings up a related issue, namely translating the name you see on the
module screen to the module name and the project name. Pet peave, a module
whose purpose is to add a new field type to CCK but doesn't have CCK in its
name and doesn't come up in the group of CCK stuff on the Update status

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Quoting Walt Daniels <wdlists at optonline.net>:

> +100 on these comments
> There are many other modules that are badly classified making them hard to
> find. Every maintainer should take a quick look at where their modules
> up and fix them. After all it is in your best interest. If they can't be
> found they won't be used.

And if you find one that is annoying open a bug issue in the issue 
queue of the project.  I usually prefer the admin/by-module UI if I'm 
concerned with administration of one particular module.  I also create 
an Administration menu and rearrange the menu items to my liking.  So, 
regardless of who does what, I use the dynamic menu to suit my needs.

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