[development] Remove top-level admin menu items

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Feb 2 17:50:25 UTC 2009

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 6:17 PM, Daniel F. Kudwien
<news at unleashedmind.com> wrote:
> This goes out to some maintainers, specifically related to
> - Notifications / Messaging
> - Organic Groups
> - Panels
> Those and related/dependent modules are implementing top-level menu items, e.g.
> - admin/messaging
> - admin/og
> - admin/panels
> in the style of Drupal 4.7, instead of using the new administrative categories and structure we have since Drupal 5.x.  This is not only confusing, but also clutters the administrative interface - especially, if Administration menu module is installed.

Although my fine module was not mentioned here, l10n_server does this
same thing, so I am kind of feel like called out :) Others from Panels
and Notifications/Messaging provided their opinion, so I'd not chip
in, if I'd say the same. But maybe I am saying the same.

For the l10n_server case, the separate high level item makes sense,
since the l10n_server is a kind of standalone software. It does not
help you track users, enter content, vote on content or whatever, but
in a sense it does all of these. it has a highly specialized storage
and UI system for translation editing and reuses Drupal capabilities
to set up users, languages, organic groups, panels, blocks, whatever
around itself. The module in itself is not related to site building,
configuration, users or reports. It is merely a "high level tool" on
your site you'd use.

Now that I said it, I might have said the same things as others said
on Panels and Notifications/Messaging, maybe in a more general way.

And yes, I am an admin_menu user. I was the guy, who pushed it to be
used on d6.drupal.org last week :) And yes, I appreciate high level
tools highlighted on the highest level in my admin_menu. And yes, I
understand that Panels, or Notifications/Messaging or l10n_server
might not have the highest importance to people *once* they set up
everything, and would instead only focus on core site management such
as user, content and logs.


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