[development] SQLite and Drupal 7 -- let's try this again

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Feb 4 04:09:13 UTC 2009


Apparently despite my intentions, I did not manage to express myself
clearly so let's try this again.

Drupal 7 has a very interesting new feature which we call the
registry. The registry holds information about which function, class
and interface lives in which file. This information never changes if
you do not change your modules and themes.

Drupal always had a system table which holds information on available
themes and modules. This information never changes if you do not add
new modules nor new themes.

If we put these tables in an SQLite table then the only time this file
changes is when your code changes. Therefore, when people with high
performance sites deploy their new code, they can deploy the new
database. There is no new procedure to be created, just one more file
added to the roster.

Now, if I ask this way, are people still against putting registry and
system into an SQLite database?


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