[development] SQLite and Drupal 7 -- how to earn a quick buck

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sat Feb 7 19:44:39 UTC 2009


First there is a tremendous confusion about SQLite and PHP and
drivers. What we need is NOT the sqlite extension NOR sqlite3 from
PECL/PHP 5.3 What we DO need is PDO_SQLite.

If we want to clean up the installer and make maintenance nicer, we
must require this driver to be available. Once we did that we can
re-use it for the registry tables provided I can make it so that it is
able to rebuild itself from MySQL.

I have put up the challenge to http://drupal4hu.com/node/177 months
ago. I will present the contenders to Dries in Washington DC. If there
are no contenders then I will present that. Speak now or forever hold
your peace.



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