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Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 17:14:32 UTC 2009

Here's my suggestions:

(a)  The install package should include a small number of highly
useful, pre-configured content types that *can* be installed/enabled.

(b)  The user at install time is given, say, three choices:

   1.  Install the basic CMS version of Drupal.

     This will install the core Drupal framework, plus 2 or 3 content
types as appropriate, e.g. story, blog and event.

   2.  Install the basic blogging platform version of Drupal.

     This will install the core Drupal framekwork, plus 2 or 3 content
types as appropriate, e.g. blog and user profile node.

   3.  Customize your Drupal install -- for experts.

    This will provide a list of all content types included in the
basic Drupal download package with checkboxes which can be ticked off.
 Those types should be something like: story, page, blog, event,

This sort of install arrangement should address most of the issues
brought up here.  Of course, additional contrib modules can be added
later -- perhaps even suggested during install, or at least referenced
with a "for more functionality, see the large repository of contrib


On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 8:00 AM, Ronald Ashri <ronald at istos.it> wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> How about making the default content types a configurable item for the
>> install profile?
> I think the default install should be zero-configuration to start with
> (beyond obvious DB name, user, etc). A lot of people are going to give
> Drupal about 4-5 minutes initally. They will download, unzip, visit install
> page on browser and fire away. They will assume that any issues will be
> dealt with and they don't want to learn anything about Drupal before Drupal
> is actually running on their system because that is the first hurdle. If I
> can't install it why should I even learn about it.
> If you ask them "do you want to create content types Page and Story" -
> already they have to learn something, as in "what are content types then?".
> Other profiles already assume some familiarity with Drupal and some purpose
> in what you are trying to achieve so they can happily ask all sorts of
> questiosn.
> Best,
> Ronald

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