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Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 12 15:02:21 UTC 2009

I was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago, but don't know how 
feasible it would be (it probably wouldn't be that bad), but what if we 
had a multi-option download page? Basically you have the option of just 
downloading Drupal, but also have a few prepackaged options. So if I am 
looking at Drupal and want to blog I would select the "blogger package", 
then I would get an installation profile installing the blog module, 
plus maybe views with monthly archives, pathauto (and token), and 
possible a WYSIWYG editor. It could be something like "your flavor" of 
Drupal - similar to the custom downloads on jQuery UI. 

The hardest part I would see is keeping these single download packages 
up to date with releases of the modules they incorporate, but a work 
around on that shouldn't be too bad. It would also let the user, who 
doesn't really know what Drupal is, see that Drupal is actually all 
these things, and we even made it super easy for them to get going on 
whichever path they want.

I think it would go good in the redesign, plus it would also go hand in 
hand with the content type creation based upon installation method (ie: 
installing would be simple like Ronald points out, yet content type is 
created based upon the "package" they download.)

Jamie Holly
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Ronald Ashri wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
> >
> > How about making the default content types a configurable item for the 
> > install profile?
> >
> I think the default install should be zero-configuration to start with 
> (beyond obvious DB name, user, etc). A lot of people are going to give 
> Drupal about 4-5 minutes initally. They will download, unzip, visit 
> install page on browser and fire away. They will assume that any issues 
> will be dealt with and they don't want to learn anything about Drupal 
> before Drupal is actually running on their system because that is the 
> first hurdle. If I can't install it why should I even learn about it.
> If you ask them "do you want to create content types Page and Story" - 
> already they have to learn something, as in "what are content types then?".
> Other profiles already assume some familiarity with Drupal and some 
> purpose in what you are trying to achieve so they can happily ask all 
> sorts of questiosn.
> Best,
> Ronald

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