[development] Incremental filter for the permissions page

Sammy Spets sammys-drupal at synerger.com
Tue Feb 17 04:15:32 UTC 2009

+1 for filter being unavailable with javascript disabled provided the 
filter itself can be disabled in a setting (in case javascript in 
browser X, OS Y, moon at Z causes fireworks). If an admin doesn't have 
javascript enabled on their own site it's their loss of productivity ;)

Sammy Spets

Dmitri Gaskin wrote:
> Hello Development,
> I've been working on a patch that incrementally filters the permission 
> page - patch at http://drupal.org/node/229193 and demo at 
> http://dmitrizone.com/229193.mov.
> The patch is pretty much ready to be reviewed, except for the fact 
> that webchick has an issue with how it degrades.
> Currently, without JavaScript, the textfield for searching simply 
> isn't there, and you can't use the incremental filter.
> Webchick would like it to be degradable. The issue with this is that 
> we already have a 100-line search algorithm for searching in HTML, and 
> we'd need another 150 or so search algorithm to do it server side, 
> which would actually be quite different.
> CHX has an argument against needing a degradable version at 
> http://drupal.org/node/229193#comment-1260194:
> "I think this is fine with working only if JavaScript is there. Drupal 
> works without JavaScript but with reduced functionality already. You 
> can not resize a textarea without JS for example. Autocomplete does 
> not work. This piece is similar."
> What do you guys think?
> Dmitri

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