[development] Incremental filter for the permissions page

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Tue Feb 17 04:49:44 UTC 2009

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I like this, it looks great, and I agree that it should degrade.

However my definition of degrade is that if you don't have js then the  
it should look like it does now with no filtering.

Having filtering on it with no js would not be hard, but it will be  
cumbersome to use.

You can still do what you need to do without js, but to get the best  
usability then you should have the js on. Much like how the table  
weighting works, it is much easier with js, but you can do it with js  
off as well.


On 17/02/2009, at 12:23 PM, Dmitri Gaskin wrote:

> Hello Development,
> I've been working on a patch that incrementally filters the  
> permission page - patch at http://drupal.org/node/229193 and demo at http://dmitrizone.com/229193.mov 
> .
> The patch is pretty much ready to be reviewed, except for the fact  
> that webchick has an issue with how it degrades.
> Currently, without JavaScript, the textfield for searching simply  
> isn't there, and you can't use the incremental filter.
> Webchick would like it to be degradable. The issue with this is that  
> we already have a 100-line search algorithm for searching in HTML,  
> and we'd need another 150 or so search algorithm to do it server  
> side, which would actually be quite different.
> CHX has an argument against needing a degradable version at http://drupal.org/node/229193#comment-1260194 
> :
> "I think this is fine with working only if JavaScript is there.  
> Drupal works without JavaScript but with reduced functionality  
> already. You can not resize a textarea without JS for example.  
> Autocomplete does not work. This piece is similar."
> What do you guys think?
> Dmitri

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