[development] My first post: path_set_alias() and multiple aliases

Stewart Robinson stewsnooze at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 18:01:14 UTC 2009

You just can't trust ordering without using order by. The behaviour is
undefined. Indexes can affect the order you get stuff back in aswell
as insertion order as you will effectively select positions from the
index if you are lucky enough to hit it.


On 2/19/09, Andrew Berry <andrewberry at sentex.net> wrote:
> On 19-Feb-09, at 3:59 AM, Dipen wrote:
>> As an API, I think it should return all aliases of a path or should
>> take an additional parameter like 'all','latest','oldest' depending
>> on how you want it. But yeah it returns the oldest alias and just
>> one entry.
> I seem to remember that unless you do an ORDER BY that the order of
> returned results are implementation dependent. I can't seem to find
> anything to back that up other than a few old notes though. So while
> MySQL returns the first matched result in order of insertion, I think
> that could change when using some other RDBMS.
> Anyone have any more info?
> --Andrew

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