[development] My first post: path_set_alias() and multiple aliases

Peter Droogmans Peter at attiks.com
Fri Feb 20 18:41:14 UTC 2009

My 2c

If I remember correctly from my DB classes, all tables in a relational databases are unordered, you cannot assume an order. My experience is that all databases use table (or insertion) order for simple select statements (like select x from y), but you might get "strange" ordering while using grouping / having clauses. So the safest is to specify the order, you never know if mysql is going to behave differently.


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On 19-Feb-09, at 3:59 AM, Dipen wrote:

> As an API, I think it should return all aliases of a path or should  
> take an additional parameter like 'all','latest','oldest' depending  
> on how you want it. But yeah it returns the oldest alias and just  
> one entry.

I seem to remember that unless you do an ORDER BY that the order of  
returned results are implementation dependent. I can't seem to find  
anything to back that up other than a few old notes though. So while  
MySQL returns the first matched result in order of insertion, I think  
that could change when using some other RDBMS.

Anyone have any more info?


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