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Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 24 20:40:23 UTC 2009

Much less of a resource hog was the first big thing I noticed. Also the 
support for CSS and JS in NetBeans was a biggie. Having code completion 
on JQuery has been a life saved. I tried getting it to work with Aptana 
installed in Eclipse but never could.

But the biggest benefit came a couple days after I started testing it 
out. I found the Drupal plugin for NetBeans:


Now coding is that much more streamlined. No more going through and 
manually creating .module and .info files. Can't remember a hook? It 
adds a hook palette in so you got them all right there.

It did take a little getting used to. For example, if I want to go to a 
function declaration I can no longer hit F3. Now I control-click it. 
Little things like that, but once I got used to it I have been very happy.

Jamie Holly

Tao Starbow wrote:
> What pulled you to NetBeans over Eclipse?
> Tao
> Jamie Holly wrote:
> > Have you given NetBeans 6.54 a try yet? I've switched from Eclipse to 
> > it at the beginning of the month and haven't looked back.
> >
> > Jamie Holly
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Domenic Santangelo wrote:
> >> Hey all,
> >>
> >> I've been using Komodo for a while and while I like its built-in
> >> support for xdebug (breakpoints, stepping, stack trace, the whole
> >> enchilada) and code intel. But I hate it because it's a terrible
> >> resource hog. I've been using Coda for a couple weeks, and although
> >> it's extremely pretty, it lacks a few pretty key things, xdebug
> >> support being the main one. I used TextMate before Komodo and am
> >> thinking of going back, but I really would hate to live without
> >> debugging/xdebug support. Also, I've tried Eclipse and don't like it.
> >>
> >> Thoughts? TextMate + some magic to support xdebug maybe?
> >>
> >> -Dom
> >>
> >>   

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