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Yuval Hager yuval at avramzon.net
Fri Feb 27 22:04:05 UTC 2009


The following post discusses how FriendFeed uses MySQL in a schema-less data 
model:  http://bret.appspot.com/entry/how-friendfeed-uses-mysql.

They report an improvement both on speed, stability and flexibility. 

I find this very interesting, and actually quite troubling. 
Does one really benefit from moving *away* from RDBMS's? My natural way of 
thinking is totally different - whenever we can define the business logic in 
relational terms, we should let the database do the heavylifting, and push 
*more* logic onto it - cause that's what they do best. 

I marked this as off topic, cause it's not really Drupal related, but I'm 
curious about your insights about this approach. 

We've had our bunch of off-topics in this and the consulting list for this 
week, so my apologies if this is too much.


Yuval Hager
[@] yuval at avramzon.net
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