[development] Put a site into maintenance-mode, but not for all...

Jens Reinemuth jens at reinemuth.info
Tue Jan 6 13:25:34 UTC 2009

Hi @all...

i try to figure out how to put a live website into the maintenance-mode,
but leave it fully accessible by a fixed IP-Range of developers so that
bugs can be fixed and tested in a fully running site...

Drupal V5.x...

My way would be a modification of menu.inc:


function menu_execute_active_handler() {
  $client = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
  $arrAllowed = array ('www.xxx.yyy.zzz','');
  if (_menu_site_is_offline() && !in_array($client,$arrAllowed)) {


the array is just in there for testing purposes, will be replaced by a
GLOBAL or something like that...

Is this the only way to do it (as after an update menu.inc could be
replaced...) ?


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