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KOBA | Hans Rossel hans.rossel at koba.be
Wed Jan 14 07:12:00 UTC 2009

I've contributed a few times to a chipin, but like rather to contribute and
communicate directly with the maintainer for certain specific features.
I think there are 3 main ways:
- chipin: for popular much wanted features, a lot of people contributing a
small amount.
- bounty: gathering a few sponsors that contribute a larger amount for a
specific feature
- direct contact with the maintainer: for urgent needs or really custom
changes to the module for a specific project.

I think chipin is suitable to gather a rather small amount with a lot of
people giving very small amounts. So its mainly suitable for popular much
wanted features, not something that only a few are really interested in. For
my company I would like to have an invoice of expenses and with chipin this
is more difficult. Also if you contribute a larger amount it would be nice
to be mentioned as "sponsored by" on the project page; with chipin normally
every contributor is anonymous, if you pay half of the total amount or 5$.

I like the idea of "bounty" more for specific stuff, so gathering with a few
sponsors and pay each a third or so, but it could be good to find a better
way to show clearly which bounties are searching for extra sponsors for a
certain module. There should somewhere be an overview. Same would be true
for chipins if you would have more.

For me it would be also good if contributors could state in a consequent and
clear manner that they are available for paid customisations (and quite a
bit do this allready, but maybe drupal.org should provide an structured way
to do this) and give in their profile some more info about conditions,
contact ways, timing and availability. Also to know if the maintainer is a
fulltime freelancer available or somebody working fulltime in a non-drupal
related company having only some weekend time to spend and no possibility to
write an invoice is very important to me.

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