[development] Upgrade to 6.8/6.9 breaks all taxonomy listings

FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Fri Jan 16 10:12:46 UTC 2009

Problem solved on http://drupal.org/node/358739

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If you find a bug, in 99% of cases there'll already be a report on the issue 
queue, like this one http://drupal.org/node/345080

You can search the issue queue using 
http://drupal.org/project/issues/search/drupal - only a very small 
proportion of people working on core look at the forums, which IMO should 
never be used to post bug reports since there's no tracking whatsoever and 
because they're completely outside the normal core and contrib workflow.

If you could run the upgrade again and post any error messages to that 
issue, it might help tracking it down.


On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 9:05 AM, M. Fioretti 
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I *do* know that is list is for development, not for support, sorry. But I
have already tried two times, both on the support list and in the drupal
forums, to get some answer, any answer to something which probably
requires top drupal expertise to solve. I got a serious problem which I
explained in detail here:


(for the record, I just upgraded to 6.9 and nothing changed).

I'm a bit worried that in one week there was no reaction whatever to
something like this. Didn't I provide enough information? How can I find
out what went wrong and how to fix it? I have no problem to study
documentation or do command line work myself. I also have ssh and
phpmyadmin access to that server, but honestly I need some pointer to get
started in the right direction (assuming this is a problem in my site and
not a bug in Drupal).

What's the problem? Why did those listing disappear? Please let me know
and don't hesitate to ask for more info, tests to run on the server,


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