[development] how to display an extremely large document

Ben Steele ben at hyperdimensional.net
Mon Jan 26 20:25:46 UTC 2009

You could try this tutorial -
http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/load-content-while-scrolling-with-jquery/ -
it implements infinite scrolling with jquery. It's ASP, but shouldn't be too
difficult to get something like this working in Drupal. I haven't tried it
myself, so I don't know whether it's doable.

2009/1/26 Jamie Holly <hovercrafter at earthlink.net>

> I haven't seen anything done like this in Drupal (not saying something
> doesn't exist that I just missed), but a good example would actually be
> Google Reader. It loads content as you scroll the window down through AJAX.
> I have actually thought about using this on sites that get a bunch of
> comments. Load say 50 at a time, then have the next 50 auto-load as the user
> gets closer to the bottom of the page.
> Jamie Holly
> David Cohen wrote:
>> I'm building a site to support a very large outline of legal cases. There
>> are thousands of nodes in the outline, each with a very small
>> amount of text.  The outline is about 5 or 6 levels deep.  I've written
>> some code to import the outline into the book module.  So the book
>> hierarchy reflects the outline and the node bodies contain these small
>> chunks of text.
>> I'd like to display the entire outline in a single page.  This is not
>> practical because of the overall size.  Still I'd like the user to feel
>> as if they are scrolling through the entire thing, not visiting
>> thousands of different pages.
>> My idea is to use AJAX to accomplish this.  Imagine how google maps
>> works (start somewhere but scroll to anywhere, use ajax to refresh the
>> view after the scroll).  I'd like the same thing for arbitrary HTML.  In
>> other words the browser starts with mostly placeholder divs and a small
>> amount of content.  As the user scrolls around, the placeholders get
>> replaced with real content.  And the real content which scrolls out of
>> view gets cleaned up so the browser does not run out of memory.
>> Has anyone encountered such a thing?  Or would be interested in
>> collaborating on it?  Any reason why it would not work?
>> Thanks,
>> -Dave
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