[development] Nodecomment module up for grabs

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Wed Jan 28 19:00:36 UTC 2009

This code might be instructive for anyone who wants to move comments  
to nodes in core. See: http://ca.tchpole.net/node/8

Robert Douglass

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On Jan 28, 2009, at 4:00 PM, Jerad Bitner wrote:

> Nodecomment module does just what it says, provides comments as  
> nodes. I originally took over the project just to port it to D6 for  
> my company at the time, but now I really have no use for it. I'm  
> actually surprised people still find use for it in D6 because all of  
> my reasons for using it have disappeared with Views2 and the comment  
> support that other modules have upheld. There's still quite a few  
> people using it but I have no time to dedicate to it (haven't for a  
> while and I appologise for letting the issue queue get a bit out of  
> hand).
> If anyone is interested in taking it up, please let me know off- 
> list. Otherwise it'll find itself unmaintained again.
> Thanks,
> ~Jerad

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