[development] MS SQL question

bobbrazeau at gmail.com bobbrazeau at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 17:07:28 UTC 2009

Hey guys, I realize this is a hot button issue and am not trying to ruffle  
any feathers.

We are looking to switch out website from a lamp stack to a CMS and Drupal  
is the one I am championing. The site itself would be running on a mysql  
cluster. One of the issues of our environment is some data sits on a MS SQL  
server. Currently we have it setup to connect via odbc and everything is  

While we wouldn't need Drupal to use MS SQL as a backend server, there is  
data some we'd need to grab for some of the pages. D6 doesn't support MSSQL  
though the abstraction layer, but would it be possible to code the modules  
to connect to the server on their own and use php code to process the db  
data? And what is the ick factor on that? NOT for MSSQL but the approach -  
or if there is a better way please inform me.


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