[development] new module ideas for localized content

Shankar Dhanasekaran shankar at musickafe.com
Fri Jul 17 20:09:19 UTC 2009

Hi everybody,
I have been reading development mail list for a few months now, found it 
great for people to discuss code but I have not written any thing here 
until now. I guess the time has come.

I am wanting a feature addition to ip2local module or some other similar 
module. Brief explanation of the customization follows:

1. Admin interface to add or delete region and group regions. Much like 
hierarchy taxonomy. So that admin can add Region 'Asia' and sub regions 
like India, China etc.

2. There is an admin interface to set default language for each sub 
region and region.

3. Much like multi-lingual interface in each node where user can select 
the language, there is now an additional interface to select the region 
the node belongs. A node can belong to more than one region, however.

4. The module should output a block where the user can select the region 
of the website he wants to see. See ibm.com <http://ibm.com> 
<http://ibm.com> for example. There is a region on the header where user 
can select the country/language.

5. Logic for content display:
a. detect the user ip and thereby the location and display that 
particular location's content alone.
b. If the location is not present in one of the regions set in the 
website, use a default region.
c. detect the browser language and render that identified region's 
content in that language. Say for example, the region is detected as 
China but the browser language is English, then display chinese region 
content in English language. Adminstrator will take care of all the 
translation work needed.

I will really appreciate if you guys can give me some pointers on where 
to start, a possible hint on hooks that I may need etc., I wanting to 
become a good drupal module developer and a community supporter. I hope 
you guys will initiate me into this. I am not aware of any existing 
module that gives similar functionality after some good search in 
contrib space. If there is any, pls let me know.

Thanks a lot,

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