[development] new module ideas for localized content

Diego Iastrubni diego at softtailors.com
Sun Jul 19 06:26:17 UTC 2009

Just a side note:
I used your module in one of my sites, and I had a lot of problems with 
it. If "always" failed to update the IP DB. I digged around, and 
eventually downloaded the files manually, and hacked the code to load 
the files from the DS instead of "curl" (1), and then backup up the 
corresponding table (2) and removed the cron code.

The trigger for the problem is that curl fails to download the site, due 
to max execution time in php. A way to avoid one of the problems is to 
delete the DB only after all the files have been downloaded (currently 
(3) the code clears up the DB and then downloads). Onother feature I 
would like as well is: 'dont update the IPs DB at all'.

One other problem I found is that the IPs DB is so huge, that some of 
our hosts fail to update, again, since phpmyadmin (no console to those 
machines) fails to finish the transactions, due to php max execution 
time. This is due to the length of those tables (around 40k entries). I 
am not sure how to address this.

Just my 3cents. Thanks for the module, helped a lot.

(1) In reality, curl downloads to a temp directory and then loads up the 
(2) like hell I am doing it again on a live customer site!
(3) Might have changed since 2009/04/13 ...

Shankar Dhanasekaran wrote:

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