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That's way Drupal has several layers of caching, the biggest advantage of a database is that's easy to move your site or for heavy visited sites you can use several front-end web servers to serve page. Amongst many other benefits of using a database (multi-user, stable, easy to backup, ...)

Regarding the speed, a good database running on a decent server is as fast as file I/O

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i just wanted to know why drupal is saving all the page content in database .. if we have many pages then it may slow down the database and also page loading.
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What you want to do is possible, have a look at hook_menu, this defines the path for your page, but I don't really understand what's your objection to saving your data in the database. What is it you want to achieve?

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Hi ,
           I am new to drupal and i want to create new page like abc.php but i don't want to create this page from admin section create content -> page / story ... bco'z it save the page into database ... i want to create new php page by my own and then let say call this from one of the menu item ( on click of the menu ) .. how can i do that ...
and also wanted to know why drupal is saving all the page in database ... is for some optimization or achieve some functionality.


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