[development] a Drupal site installer like the a2ensite script for Debian systems?

Dennis Iversen dennis.iversen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:03:00 UTC 2009

I recently started to look into Drupal and into the Drush project.  I
have made a Drush extension for enabling websites on a Debian based
server. Both enabling standalone sites and sites that uses a shared
drupal base. It can also list the sites you already have installed.
The 'densite' script creates virtual host configuration for drupal-5.x
and drupal-6.x sites and reloads Apache. The script sets good
permissions for your file folder (e.g. 770) and your settings.php
(e.g. 740)  file. I was thinking about making a project out of it and
commit it. Opinions, suggestions, about this?

If you need more info before saying anything, you can find more info
on the following link, and also download a version of the script.


Gettings from Dennis

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