[development] need help with my gsoc quiz module

sivaji j.g sivaji2009 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 17:12:59 UTC 2009

I am a GSoC student and co-maintainer of quiz module. Quiz users are
expecting for a new feature that lets the quiz attendees to enter some
input (eg age, sex, qualification etc) either at the beginning or end
of the quiz. Each site may have different requirement so the input
form need be dynamic (not everybody will expect to have age with list
select, sex with radio button).

My thought on achieving this is to have a dummy node type
(quiz_feedback) as a part of quiz module and an user defined node
type(custom_quiz_feedback) with fields defined using CCK.
custom_quiz_feedback node form will be attached to quiz_feedback 's
body. When the quiz attendees view the quiz_feedback node they will
have a  form to get the desired input. Is it possible to do this ? or
is there any other better ways to achieve this ?

[sorry for my bad English. I tried to ask the same in IRC but there
was no response]

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