[development] need help with my gsoc quiz module

Rosemarie R. Tagliamonte tagliar at bc.edu
Mon Jun 22 12:04:57 UTC 2009

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sivaji j.g wrote:
> I am a GSoC student and co-maintainer of quiz module. Quiz users are
> expecting for a new feature that lets the quiz attendees to enter some
> input (eg age, sex, qualification etc) either at the beginning or end
> of the quiz. Each site may have different requirement so the input
> form need be dynamic (not everybody will expect to have age with list
> select, sex with radio button).
> My thought on achieving this is to have a dummy node type
> (quiz_feedback) as a part of quiz module and an user defined node
> type(custom_quiz_feedback) with fields defined using CCK.
> custom_quiz_feedback node form will be attached to quiz_feedback 's
> body. When the quiz attendees view the quiz_feedback node they will
> have a  form to get the desired input. Is it possible to do this ? or
> is there any other better ways to achieve this ?
> [sorry for my bad English. I tried to ask the same in IRC but there
> was no response]


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