[development] Wasting time and effort

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Mon Mar 9 17:42:44 UTC 2009

Marcel Partap wrote:
> First, of course i agree discussing doesn't create good code, coding 
> creates good code. However if we are not taking decisions to more 
> tightly channel module development, i bet we will see the porting of 
> _all_ notifications and _all_ advanced questionnaire modules without 
> any reconsolidation, which would be a great opportunity wasted. 
It is only an opportunity if the authors and users of the module agree 
it is one. This is something you wont discover on this list. Open an 
issue, or create a patch and you'll get a much better response from the 
authors and the community using the module in question. I agree with 
reducing duplication of effort where possible and I know for a fact that 
most module developers share our point of view if you're willing to lend 
a hand.

Additionally, while it does require extra effort, competition is not a 
bad thing or a waste. It encourages innovation and offers alternative 
ways to approach the same problem. As common approaches to similar 
problems develop, projects frequently begin to share a common code base 
or break out the shared functionality into an API module to reduce 
duplication of effort. Our attitude towards healthy competition has 
gotten us this far in open source I'd hate to abandon it now and try to 
dictate a solution instead.
> But if I am the only one who thinks we will benefit from changing the 
> process a bit, very well, i'll just continue contributing however i 
> can and watch the shit to hit the fan.
Every patch and review is appreciated by me at least. Thank you. -mf

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