[development] An alternative to common thinking in 5->6 migration

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 9 18:02:31 UTC 2009

Quoting Marcel Partap <mpartap at gmx.net>:

>> this existing (and seemingly interminable) discussion
>> where it wont get the attention it deserves.
> I highly value your appreciation for my attempt to evaluate solutions 
> to one of drupal's biggest problems. Thank you so much.

The problem here is that the issue you try to elaborate in discussion 
has already been discussed and the outcome of that discussion is what 
we already have in place.  You perceive it as a problem while many more 
perceive it as the way it is and would be a bad thing to change.  You 
then have the choices of continue wasting time in discussion on a dead 
(won't fix) issue or get busy and provide patches to make your favorite 
module better.

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