[development] Wasting time and effort

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Mon Mar 9 18:15:59 UTC 2009

One point of his proposal is valid though: We could do better in preventing
duplicated modules and efforts.

We have

- CVS sandboxes for experimental code. (I'd argue that almost no one knows
about sandboxes and how to use them)

- Official projects on drupal.org. (With complete release, issue, and
versioning systems)

- No "moderation" for new project nodes. (Anyone with a CVS account is able
to create anything)


Would it really hurt the process of evolution and innovation in Drupal when
a new project ("request") would go into a "new projects queue" first, where
all community members could do a quick review and optionally point to a
possible existing project that could benefit from additional man-power,
features, and stuff?

Would such a process not even do the opposite - speeding up evolution (by
not duplicating efforts)?

I mean, as a developer, I can review a module's code to find out which
module is sane to use.  Regular Drupal users cannot - they have to blindly
choose one of the modules.  Whether developer or user, finding out which
module to choose is a pain, a "waste of time and effort".

Implementing that process would be fairly easy.  So I can only guess that
the majority of developers a) either does not know about CVS sandboxes, or
b) likes to have duplicate efforts, or that c) I'm on crack.


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