[development] Wasting time and effort

Tao Starbow starbow at citris-uc.org
Mon Mar 9 17:27:34 UTC 2009

I don't agree.  It can be frustrating that the same meta subjects come 
up every six months or so, but the fact that they always stir up such a 
firestorm of interest means there are lots of people that care and 
haven't yet found a better way to channel there energy.  Maybe it would 
be better for them to search through the list archives, but I don't 
think so. Drupal changes fast.  Some things that were central orthodoxy 
a year ago have changed, while some seem to be eternal. And Drupal lives 
because people are passionate about it.

Of course, it does seem to be an eternal Drupal tradition that after 
every outbreak of passionate meta discussion, someone has to say 
"Everyone stop talking and get back to work". And who am I to argue with 
tradition :)


Michael Favia wrote:
> I've noticed an increasing number of "meta discussions" and I'd like 
> to try to refocus our collective efforts if possible. All of these 
> discussions about regulating contribution module development or only 
> releasing core when the top X modules are upgraded, are more 
> distracting then they are productive in my opinion. It is a dearth of 
> labor not a lack of ideas that is the bottleneck of this project and 
> almost every one of the issues raised could be fixed by more work in 
> place of increased regulation.
> The ordinary folks who review and create patches on issues are our 
> lifeblood and engine. While it might not be as glorifying as 
> re-imagining the contribution module ecosystem or as easy as writing 
> an email, we notice and value your effort for the real contribution 
> that it is. We dont need more regulation, we need more contribution. 
> So lets pick up our shovels instead of our pens and get to work 
> (myself included). If you don't know how and want to learn how just 
> ask in channel and I'll be happy to help you personally. -mf

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